Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hrithik Roshan’s face tattooed on fan’s back | Hritik Roshan Tattoo | Fan tattooed Hritik Face on Back | face tattoo of Hritik Roshan by his Fan | Hritik Roshan's Fan made His face on his back | Photo of Hritik Roshan on His Fan's Back | Sachin Bhatnagar's Tattoo

Hritik Roshan's Face on the back of his Greatest Fan. The Fan name is Sachin Bhatnagar. This impromptu trip by Sachin Bhatnagar, who works in a private firm, was a complete surprise to his unsuspecting wife Rekha. Bhatnagar got the tattoo done in the afternoon and then flew back to Delhi the same night.

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